Tuesday Oct 16, 2012 by mike

Vote NO!

We don't talk about politics here at Burlesque all that often. That's not why you come here. But we all know there's a lot at stake in this upcoming presidential election and that's important to us. Those of us living in Minnesota more than likely know about two constitutional amendments which will also be showing up on our November ballots, and those amendments are important to us as well:

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Eight Is Enough print
Artist: Mike Davis

Are we better off than we were 8 years ago? It's time to get these elephant bozos out of Washington before they rot our country back to the stone ages. This poster was designed by Mike Davis for the Eight Is Enough conert in St. Paul MN, held just days before the 2008 Republican National Convention kicked off in the same city. Twin Cities musical artists Low, Dosh, P.O.S, and Burlesque's own DJs Winship and Mike 2600 had the Turf Club bursting at the seams with hopeful young rock and rap enthusiasts for what all considered to be a huge success of a rock show!

19 x 25"
2 color print

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