Artist: Mike Davis

More smokey mountain graphic action than you can shake your digital ta-tas at! Big clunky type cut out of actual logs and real human bee honey! Not really, but basically pretty much. This January 2007 show was great - Digitata was a hell of a group, with some of their members moving on to perform in such powerhouse acts as Gayngs and Poliça.

Who's this Impressive Fource? Why, that's graphic artist Adam Garcia (of The Pressure), rapper Mike Mictlan (of Doomtree), and DJ Espada (of Wants VS Needs) rapping with our own DJ Mike 2600 on the turntables. Big time!

19 x 25"

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Babe Art Print
Artist: Todd Bratrud

A big blue print from artist Todd Bratrud! Da Bratt is back with special dedication to the most well-respected mammal of the North (no, not Louie Anderson), the legendary Babe the Blue Ox.

This design was originally created for a new skateboard deck for Steve Nesser (another well-respected mammal of the North) on Todd's own Send x Help skateboard company. Watch the man puttin' in work right here.

24 x 9.5"

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Aaron Draplin Minnesota: 'Natural' edition
Artist: Aaron Draplin

Draplin puts it this way-

'Inspired by our undying love for “all things Minnesota.” Man, we love that state. We did a stint there in the rollicking, wild, late ’90s, wrapping a high-falutin’ graphic arts degree at the acclaimed Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Sure, the city had a hold on us, but we were able to get out of town a number of times. To the north, to the south, way out west and up and down that Mississippi River. We know Minnesota.


Wednesday Feb 20, 2013 by Jodi


A new Draplin MN poster! More details coming soon...

Monday Feb 11, 2013 by mike

Haze XXL on MN Original

Our friend Tom Hazelmyer, better known to many as HAZE XXL, was recently featured on the fantastic MN Original series. In this video, he talks about getting his start in the Twin Cities music scene and starting up the Amphetamine Reptile Records label.

Aside from his contributions to Minneapolis' rock music scene, Tom is also responsible for opening up the Grumpy's restaurants and OX-OP gallery, which brought world class artists like Shepard Fairey, Shag, Mark Mothersbaugh, and Tim Biskup to town to exhibit their work in an intimate space. We were honored to get to show our work there in 2005.

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Aaron Draplin Minnesota: Hunting Season Edition
Artist: Aaron Draplin

We have found a very limited selection of Artist Proofs and Printer Proofs of this fantastic print!


We are back with a third edition of one of our most popular prints. Autumn 2011 is just about here, so Aaron Draplin came back to pay homage to Minnesota in bright blaze orange hunting colors! Don't let your computer monitor fool you - that orange ink is eyeball-burning, hunter-deflecting fluorescent orange! Maybe our favorite colorway of this bad boy we've done.


Monday Sep 17, 2012 by mike


This past weekend, I drove up to Blaine MN to check out Pinnesota, the National Pinball Championships. Holy crap, held right here in Minnesota? OK!

It all went down at Blainbrook Entertainment Center, a bowling alley and arcade about 30 minutes North of downtown Minneapolis. Get a load of that logo. They don't make em like that anymore.

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Aaron Draplin Minnesota: Black & Grey edition
Artist: Aaron Draplin

Super-short grey & silver on black run of Aaron Draplin's nearly-legendary Minnesota art print. The first in his ongoing series of prints collecting his favorite logos, illustrations, and memories from all 50 states is here in a stunning and stark colorway. And trust us when we say that our supply of these things is LIMITED! We're talking about a single digit stash here!

24 x 30"
4 color print on French Steel Grey paper
Signed and numbered edition of 25 prints

Screenprinted by Ben LaFond


Thursday Jan 19, 2012 by Peter

MN Pride

I was super excited to find this in my inbox this morning. Sean Kelsey of St. Paul got a tattoo of my MN Pride design! This is the first time I've ever seen anything that I designed become a tattoo, so needless to say I was blown away. Shane Wallin from Twilight Tattoo did an AMAZING job making the finished piece look exactly like the print. Much respect and a million thank yous to Sean and Shane for making this happen!

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