Monday Feb 6, 2012 by mike


Here's an array of snake-based logos for various companies.

Laboratorios Ausonia S.A., a Barcelona-based Pharmaceutical laboratory
designed by José Baqués, 1967

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Thursday Feb 2, 2012 by mike

On Creative Cannibalism

I was working late at the office last night when I got a message from my friend DJ Ayres. I've worked on a considerable number of graphic design projects for Ayres over the last few years, more than I can count on both hands, and he keeps up with my other design work just as I do with his music projects. He sent me a link to the Facebook page of a young DJ named Nate Starr living in Springfield MO. This DJ's profile picture was an exact replica of the "Jump On It" EP cover I designed for Minneapolis DJ and producer Last Word.

My original design for DJ Last Word

The Nate Starr graphic in question

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Monday Jan 23, 2012 by mike

BRLSQ Spotlight Series: Justin Thomas Kay

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to our very first Spotlight Series interview with James White. We're picking up right now with episode two, shining the spotlight on our friend Justin Thomas Kay. Justin first came into our radar in 2004 when he phoned up the Burlesque office to ask us to create an editorial illustration of rapper Common to be featured in Complex magazine. From there, we quickly fell in love with his type and design skills and we've stayed in touch over the years, collaborating on several projects under his art direction. Read on!

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Monday Nov 14, 2011 by mike

Burlesque x Fab

We were invited by the great people over at Fab to set up a sale of some of our screenprinted posters and other fun items for their site. Read More

Friday Oct 28, 2011 by mike

Philately Fridays: Brazil, 1978

Click image for larger view

Deceptively intricate design from Brazil marking the 70th anniversary of their Cruz Vermelha (Red Cross). Those little health and first aid-related icons are really nicely done. Read More

Friday Sep 30, 2011 by mike

Philately Fridays: Ireland, 1977

Super nice illustration commemorating 50 years of Ireland's Electricity Supply Board.

Wednesday Sep 28, 2011 by mike

Behind the scenes: The National poster

I really enjoyed designing my recent poster for The National's two-night run at Philadelphia's Academy of Music. From the moment I started looking at that 150+ year old building and thinking about all that history in Philadelphia, I got down to sketching out some ideas.

The first thing I looked at was the building. Built in 1857 right in the heart of downtown Philadelphia, the Academy of Music houses the city's ballet and operas among other high profile music and arts events. Read More

Friday Sep 16, 2011 by mike

Philately Fridays: Indonesia, 1974

Three stamps from Indonesia, designed for the 17th (okaaaaaay) anniversary of Pertamina, the country's largest oil company.

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Wednesday Aug 3, 2011 by mike

3 Bears and a Kangaroo

Four animal logos created by German designers.

Philipp Seitz

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Friday Jul 8, 2011 by mike

Philately Fridays: Australia 1977

Click image for larger view

5+1 stamp set commemorating 100 years of Test Cricket in Australia.

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