Wednesday Dec 4, 2013 by mike

Serpents Unleashed: Progress photos pt 3

Ben LaFond on that quality control tip.


Wednesday Jan 16, 2013 by mike

Winter Printer's Special!

Attention artists and enthusiasts of printed matter! Have you been wanting to see your work screenprinted as a poster / art print, but are waiting for a great deal? Well we've got one hell of a deal for you!

If you are a new customer of ours and have a 1 to 4-color screenprinting job of 100 prints or more, we will throw in 30 extra prints, free of charge! That's for both our 19 X 25" prints up to 24 X 38" jumbos on 100 lb. white cover weight paper (that's the good, heavy stuff). Read More

Monday Dec 3, 2012 by mike

John Baizley "Beyond The Permafrost" art print

We will be releasing our newest art print from John Baizley, Beyond The Permafrost, on Tuesday December 4th. The print will hit our online store at 2:00pm Central time. Based on his artwork for metal band Skeletonwitch's 2007 album of the same name, Permafrost began as one of John Baizley's elaborate watercolor paintings. We broke Baizley's original watercolor painting down and built it back up as a 13 color screenprint with an additional layer of ultra high-gloss UV spot varnish. Every print has been hand-signed, numbered, and embossed by Mr. John Baizley himself. This project was meticulously produced in our studio by Wes Winship and Ben LaFond.

Click image for full view.

Click here for all of the onsale details ------> Read More

Friday Nov 16, 2012 by mike

Printing Permafrost: Fire From The Sky

Our primary screenprinting mission on the Beyond The Permafrost art print is complete! 13 colors plus a layer of glossy ultraviolet varnish and these things are looking gorgeous.

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Thursday Aug 9, 2012 by mike

BRLSQ for Secret Stash Records

We recently did a little bit of screenprinting work for local purveyors of reissued classic music, Secret Stash Records. For their official reissue of Pazy & The Black Hippies' 1978 afrobeat album "Wa Ho Ha," the team at Secret Stash asked us to whoop up some screenprinted jackets. We were happy to oblige. Watch the video above to hear some of the music and check out this Minneapolis-based record label to learn more about the great projects they've been working on and have coming up! Read More

Wednesday Jul 25, 2012 by mike

(Baizley) Vote or Die!

As you may have noticed, we've been printing quite a lot of prints with the incredibly talented John Baizley. We've been working closely with John to bring his watercolor paintings to the world as multi-color screenprinted art prints. From Black Tusk's "Passage Through Purgatory" to Tiger Tiger "Cut Them Where They Bleed" to the recent Kvelertak print, it's been a thrill to see Baizley's artwork come to life on our presses.

So what's next? Well, that's where you come in. That's right, we want YOU to tell US what to print next!

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