Thursday Jun 26, 2014 by mike

Holdfast III: Effigy & Exile at CO Exhibitions

This Saturday, we draw back the curtains for the grand opening of a spectactular new art show at CO Exhibitions. A collection of paintings and sculptures from over one dozen local and international artists, "Effigy And Exile" is the third group exhibit of the Holdfast collective. The show is a celebration of the figurative arts and features portraits of exiled, shunned, and forgotten characters, all painted or drawn with impeccable technical skill. We have never seen a show quite like this come through CO.

Effigy And Exile opes this Saturday, June 28th at CO Exhibitions.
1101 Stinson Blvd at Broadway in Norheast Minneapolis, MN
Free / all ages welcome

The opening features live music from Minneapolis' dark folk outfit Blood And Sun.

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Thursday May 15, 2014 by mike

Art-a-Whirl at CO Exhibitions

This weekend, while you're out and about in Northeast for Art-A-Whirl, drop by CO to see a whole bunch of our screenprinted concert posters and art prints new and old. You'll have a chance to pick up some one-of-a-kind test prints as well as some seriously discounted scratch + dent prints as well.

We'll be here Saturday May 17th from 12 - 5pm. It's free to get in and everyone's invited!

Our buds downstairs at The Cabin will also have their printing studio open throughout the weekend with some artwork hanging up.

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Friday Mar 28, 2014 by mike

Artwork from "Understand What I'm Sprayin"

photo by Michael Madison

On Saturday March 22, we had a huge turnout for our graffiti art group show Understand What I'm Sprayin? here at CO Exhibitions. A few hundred art lovers showed up and bought over half the pieces from the show. Read More

Friday Mar 28, 2014 by mike

Cinco de Mayhem 2014: coming soon!

In May 2013, we invited over two dozen local artists to design and build their very own piñatas to be displayed and destroyed right here in our CO Exhibitions gallery. We saw everything from Viking ships to wild birds to DeLoreans to baby seals to Game of Thrones characters to oversized potatoes. Art lovers bought "Smash Tickets" for the rights to step up and swing at the piñatas and we ended up raising several hundred dollars for local food bank Second Harvest Heartland. It was one of the most fun and creative nights we've ever seen go down at CO ... and we wanna do it all over again!

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Monday Mar 17, 2014 by mike

Understand What I'm Sprayin? at CO Exhibitions

This Saturday is the grand opening of Understand What I'm Sprayin?, a new group show featuring an all-star lineup of graffiti writers from the Twin Cities and beyond. There will be prints, original paintings, photographs, and more on display and available for purchase. Proceeds from sales will go to benefit the legal defense of one of our friends who got caught up in The System™.

RSVP and invite your friends on Facebook.

Friday Feb 7, 2014 by mike

Courtney Reints' Moving Skin at CO Exhibitions

On Saturday February 15th, we are very proud to present the grand opening of Moving Skin, a series of photographs from Minneapolis artist Courtney Reints. Here's what she has to say about this striking series of taxidermal images.

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Tuesday Nov 26, 2013 by mike

CO Exhibitions WORLD (craft) FAIR 2013 is coming

Coming this weekend! More creative holiday gift ideas than you can shake a reindeer antler at... and all made by local, independent artists!

Monday Oct 7, 2013 by mike

WILD!!wing "Unleasherizer" video

Our buds from WILD!!wing just released their first music video, filmed right here at CO Exhibitions! Prepare to be rocked by UNLEASHERIZER!

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Friday Sep 27, 2013 by mike

Landland Go Byebye

About one year ago, Jes Seamans, one half of the extraordinary poster producing team of Landland packed up and moved to Milwaukee. She has been coming back to Minneapolis every so often to continue to work on projects with partner Dan Black, but then we just got word that Dan will be moving to Chicago next month! What the crap!?! Read More

Tuesday May 7, 2013 by mike

Cinco de Mayhem: A Smashing Success!

If you were here at CO Exhibitions for Cinco De Mayhem this past Saturday, you know what an incredible night it was. From the completely over-the-top piñata designs to the elation of the crowd all night long to the tissue paper and glitter-splattered aftermath, this was definitely one for the history books.

And if all that wasn't good enough, here's a little bonus: Thanks to everyone who paid to swing at the piñatas, we raised about $300 which we will be donating to Second Harvest Heartland! Thank you Twin Cities! For those of you who missed it, we will now attempt to recreate the magic through photos and video, captured by our awesome gallery attendees.

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