Monday Oct 8, 2012 by mike

Official Zombie Pub Crawl merch available here!

Can you smell the fake blood? That can only mean one thing... Zombie Pub Crawl is right around the corner! We're working with the folks behind the annual parade of brain-feasting party people to bring you all of the brand new and classic ZPC merchandise. Read More

Brain Wreck
Artist: Todd Bratrud

If you're like us, and chances are that you are, then you know what it's like to feel that brain wreck. Help celebrate the release of Todd Bratrud's new Nike SB sneaker of the same name with this commemorative screenprint. Signed, numbered, and stamped by Mr. Bratrud. Hats off to our buddies at Familia Skateshop for co-producing this great project.

13 x 21"
7 color on French black paper

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