Arcade Fire: Reflektor poster 3
Artist: Wes Winship

Here is the third and final design in Wes Winship's disco death skull series for Arcade Fire. If you missed the chance to grab a copy at the Cleveland, Philadelphia, or Bridgeport shows, here's your chance to make this print your very own.

• 19 x 25"
• 4 color screenprint (including metallic silver)
on French paper
• signed and numbered edition of 150 prints

Screenprinted by Sarah Schatz and Ben LaFond

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Friday Mar 28, 2014 by mike

Arcade Fire: Reflektor Tour poster 4!

We are very excited to unveil poster #4 in our Arcade Fire "Reflektor" tour print series. Picking up where he left off with the Death mask, Wes Winship designed and hand-crafted a papier-mâché likeness of Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc, ah-ooooh). With the huge help of Sarah Schatz (who burned about all ten of her fingers hot gluing that foil hair) and Xochitl Perez, this head was meticulously sculpted, painted, decorated, and photographed, all here in our studio.

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Thursday Feb 27, 2014 by mike

Introducing our Arcade Fire "Reflektor" tour poster series

As they're preparing to hit the road for a string of concerts across North America, Arcade Fire has commissioned us to create a new series of tour posters. We based the artwork not only on the Reflektor album packaging, but also one some of the band's influences as they were working on the new record. Here is the first poster, designed by Wes Winship and screenprinted by Ben LaFond and Sarah Schatz. Read More

Arcade Fire: Midwest Tour 2007
Artist: Wes Winship, Adam R. Garcia
Digging through our Arcade Fire print archive has continued to bear plenty of fantastic concert posters, including this gem from the band's Fall 2007 run through the Midwestern United States. This print was designed by our own Wes Winship with our talented friend Adam Garcia of The Pressure. It's two-sided and, if you're feeling bold, can be cut apart and assembled into an antique style shadow box.

19 x 25"
3 color screenprint
+ 1 color screenprint on back

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Tuesday Jan 14, 2014 by mike

Chromeo and Cut Copy at Red Rocks!

Funk travelers, marketh thine calendars! Chromeo and Cut Copy will be taking over the historic Red Rocks Amphitheater later this year and we designed the poster. BOOM. Taking cues from West Coast psych legends like Rick Griffin and Randy Tuten, Mike Davis and Wes Winship went all the way in with this brand new design. Stay tuned for details about a screenprinted version.

Baroness Tour Poster VII
Artist: Wes Winship

Our own Wes Winship came out swingin' for the seventh print in Baroness' tour series. His mixture of watercolor painting and other-worldly photo-collage wizardry is ultra-heavy, ultra-trippy, and we can't stop staring at it!

18 x 24"
3 colors (including metallic gold ink)
on French Steel Grey paper

signed and numbered limited edition of 200 screenprinted by Ben LaFond


Tuesday Aug 27, 2013 by mike

Baroness Tour Poster VII by Wes Winship

Today at a random time, we will be releasing Wes Winship's all new Baroness tour poster! Wes really brought the ruckus on this one, so we thought we'd show you a few images from the drawing table, all part of his creative process.

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Wednesday Jul 3, 2013 by mike

Stones Throw skateboard deck

We are very excited to finally announce the release of the skateboard deck we designed for Stones Throw Records! Mike and Wes teamed up and went ham on this insane illustration, filling it with all sorts of things we love - cheeseburgers, the Ultimate Breaks and Beats octopus, donuts, money, MF DOOM, Macho Man Randy Savage, exploding martial arts moves, slam dunks, a huge dinosaur, and plenty of little Stones Throw references and jokes. Don't miss your chance to pick up one of these decks from the Stones Throw online store!

Here's a closer look at our original artwork:
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Arcade Fire Europe 2007
Artist: Wes Winship

Designed by Wes Winship for Arcade Fire's Fall 2007 European tour poster. The all-seeing eyeball is watching you, even overseas. Yes, you.

19 X 25"
3 color on 100# French paper
Signed and numbered limited edition
Low numbers and APs (artist proofs) available

The Walkmen Fall 2012 tour print
Artist: Wes Winship

New York rock outfit The Walkmen have recently completed their Fall tour of Europe. While on the road, they were carrying this all new subtle screenprinted concert poster designed by our own Wes Winship.

19 x 25"
4 color print on acid-free, archival white paper
Signed and numbered edition of 100

Designed by Wes Winship
Screenprinted by Ben LaFond

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