Bennie's Rolling Thunder Revisited print combo

This poster package, put together by our main man screenprinter extraordinaire Ben LaFond, contains not one but TWO posters.

1) Ben's first official screenprinted poster design! This is for Bob Dylan's violinist Scarlet Rivera's performance at the annual Dylan Days festival, backed by Ben's father Gene LaFond and his band The Wild Unknown. Printed with metallic gold ink. 12 x 19", 2 color print.

2) A Burlesque test print randomly hand-picked by Ben. During our printing process, we keep extra sheets of paper around to test out colors and make sure the screens are running smoothly. The result is a monster collection of mix-and-matched layers from posters which were never intended to fit together. Arcade Fire meets Flight of the Conchords meets The Melvins meets David Choe? You never know!

These are picked COMPLETELY RANDOMLY, sold as-is, and we cannot take any requests on these.

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