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Thursday Dec 30, 2010 by mike

2010: A year in review

Not a bad year at all. All in all I'd say it was pretty good. Prettaaaaaaaaay prettaaaaaaaaay good. We kicked things off with a gallery show at Lower Haters in San Francisco. Big shout out to Janice, Mikey, and the whole crew there for making it happen, plus all of our friends and fam who came through to check it out. Then we made this movie with our good friend Plain Ole Bill: We printed some Baroness tour posters for the talented John Baizley: Dre Day 2010 preparations: We found this shirt: Todd's Cold Heart hoodie hit the streets right in the dead of winter: We published and printed this diptych for our guys Broken Crow... And we published and printed a set of prints for Minneapolis-based artist Greg Gossel: Here's the video showing the printing process: With contributions from about 20 different DJs, we released the third installment in our "Do It To It" series, this time a CD with transparent sticker packaging. We debuted the disc at our party of the same name during the SXSW festival in March. The party was a smash! Cubic Zirconia blew the roof off of Silhouette! We ate some BBQ with Mr. Joseph Belk and then drove back up to Minnesota: My sister had a followup to her first child, so I designed the followup to the Alphabet print: Artists Alex Pardee and Dave Correia stopped through Minneapolis on their Sketch 4 Sketch tour. We whooped up a cool collaborative poster and invited local art lovers over to our studio to meet the artists and exchange sketches with us. This happened: We were honored with a great big feature in Juxtapoz Magazine! Minneapolis-based supergroup GAYNGS took over First Avenue with their Last Prom On Earth and Wes designed a sweaty poster for it. Designed and printed a poster for the boogie ambassador, DâM FunK! In the Spring of 2010, we caught wind of a new space opening up in our building, just one floor up from our print and design studio... so we jumped at the chance to make this room ours! With the help of Joseph Belk (pictured above eating BBQ in Texas) and his new creative agency Permanent, we gave the room a makeover and converted into CO Exhibitions, one of the largest art galleries in the Twin Cities. CO features custom mobile walls, track lighting, kickin' sound system and a modular stage. Our first show was "Wings & Teeth: The Art of Doomtree," held June 26th. The response couldn't have been better! We made some groovy wallpaper and installed it as part of our "Well Done" show at Nicademus Art & Framing, our friend Nick Krings' shop in Saint Paul. To celebrate the release of their new album "The Suburbs," our longtime friends Arcade Fire asked us to design and print a series of posters for several strings of concerts throughout Europe and North America. Here are a few of the best from the series, designed by Wes Winship, Dan Black, and Mike Davis: Designing and printing for The National: Mike started a new monthly dance night in First Avenue's Record Room: We invited the great Aaron Draplin to show his graphic design work at CO Exhibitions. To say he went above and beyond the call of duty would be the understatement of the year. Then we went trick-or-treating, ate Turkey, shoveled snow, and got crackin' on our plans for 2011. We wouldn't be able to do these annual updates, or anything at all for that matter, without your support. So, from the bottoms of our hearts, we would like to send a very sincere THANK YOU to everyone who has ever purchased a poster from our site, subscribed to our newsletter, worn one of our t-shirts, sent us a "Thank You" email, visited our studio, or retweeted us. Read More

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