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Thursday Sep 9, 2010 by Ben

Flatstock 27 @ Bumbershoot!

Back in Minneapolis after yet another successful Flatstock at Seattle's Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival! These poster conventions/music events are always a little overwhelming. So much to do & see, all crammed into a very short amount of time. I tried to sneak away during the work part of the day every once in awhile to capture some music shots & various Bumbershoot moments. Clickclickclick as fast as possible, then rush back to the Burlesque Flatstock booth to hustle those posters. Big thanks to the Larsen Family for putting us up again this year. So much appreciated! Here's a handful of some of my favorite shots from the weekend. Feast your eyes on the entire set of photos HERE. Booker T. Jones! Napping For America! Mike Davis Ollies! That's Mike Davis! Georgia Anne Muldrow! Ozomatli! Read More

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