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Friday May 7, 2010 by Ben

"My Life as a Number" by Keegan Wenkman

Plain and simple, Keegan Wenkman is one of my favorite artists. I really like making prints for my favorite artists. I am happy to announce the release of "My Life as a Number". A six print, 4 color screen printed suite making it's debut TONIGHT at XYandZ Gallery in Minneapolis, in conjunction with Keegan's opening party. 7-11pm. 3258 Minnehaha Ave S. Here's a couple sneak peeks of the prints... hammer time sundaymorning I was lucky enough to get a quick look at the gallery yesterday and it is UNREAL. Cash in your piggy banks. Clean out your mattresses! How much plasma do you really need?! More info on the show here and a nice write-up in this weeks Vita.mn And if you happen to live in Minneapolis, there's a handful of "My Life as a Number" prints around town...how many can you find? door Read More

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