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Tuesday Dec 1, 2009 by wes

Baroness visits the Triple Rock, Baizley visits BRLSQ

Baizley Live By Benbrlsq Last Friday brought the Baroness boys to town. They played a stellar show at the Triple Rock and managed to drop by BRLSQ HQ before hand as well. We put John to work signing his prints, including our version of Phanton Limb which will be going on sale super soon! We'll post images for that momentarily as well. Until then, check out Ben's photoset from the night on his flickr page. Read More

I bought one of the Phantom

I bought one of the Phantom Limb prints at the show, and it's very delightful.

Great black and whites!!

Great black and whites!!

Wes Winship
Version B - Burlesque
Thomas Hooper