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Thursday Oct 1, 2009 by mike

BRLSQ + Walker + Sound Unseen + Vita.mn

The new issue of The new issue of Vita.mn featuring cover artwork by BRLSQ's Mike Davis is on Twin Cities newsstands now! Go grab a copy! The feature article is about Sound Unseen, the annual festival of music-based films. Tonight, the rock poster documentary "Died Young, Stayed Pretty" will be screening at the Walker Art Center at 7pm. Yes, there is a feature-length documentary film about screenprinted rock posters!!! Not only is Burlesque featured in the film, but we will be setting up shop in the Walker lobby displaying and selling some of our posters from 5-7pm and also immediately after the movie has finished. The event is FREE so you have no excuse to miss it! More info can be found on the Walker website. Read More

Why is Mike Davis such a

Why is Mike Davis such a freaking genius?

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