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Tuesday Feb 24, 2009 by Bjorn

Familia Grand (Re-)Opening in Minneapolis

Burlesque's favorite skate shop, Familia, is opening up their new store in Minneapolis this Saturday, featuring a Todd Bratrud Art Show. So why isn't Todd writing this? I don't know. He's busy "drawing" or something. We're just wrapping up a pair of prints of deck art for Enjoi Skateboards: Louie and Jerry the Octodeer. Anyway, that Familia thing...Noon to 6 at their new shop, 2833 Hennepin Ave. S. Click the photos for more of these prints in production. Read More

Great prints! Fucking

Great prints! Fucking awesome. That deer is killing it!

Awesome. Thanks Bjorn

Awesome. Thanks Bjorn

We'll have them available

We'll have them available online here at the Burlesque store, probably sometime in the next couple of weeks. They still have to get finished and go to Todd for his signature, then come back.

Please tell me these will be

Please tell me these will be available online too, I'm going outta town for the week but my walls are always up for some cottage cheese. Big and beautiful!!!!!!

Ben LaFond
David M. Cook