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Wednesday Feb 18, 2009 by Jack Gatz


6 color screen print for a Grails concert in San Diego. This version will be exclusive to the BRLSQ online store while an alternate color way will be available from the band at the show and at postersandtoys.com. Read More

fucking awesome !

fucking awesome !

As good as this looks online

As good as this looks online its way better in person. I got mine (#20/30) at the show and it is absolutely stunning!

+ + + We'll be announcing

+ + + We'll be announcing on-sale info for this poster through our newsletter, so if you're not signed up, send an email to orders@burlesquedesign.com requesting to be added to our mailing list! This one is looking really nice in person.

- Mike BRLSQ

S-I-C-K.!!! Me wants both

S-I-C-K.!!! Me wants both versions!

fanfuckntastic! when does

fanfuckntastic! when does this bad boy drop on-line?

Awesome poster, awesome band!

Awesome poster, awesome band! I like both color combos, but this one is way cool. Nice work!!

Me want.

Me want.

holy fuck, so sick

holy fuck, so sick

Oke this color is way better

Oke this color is way better than the other one I saw.
Nice one.

David M. Cook
Wes Winship, Mike Davis