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Thursday Feb 12, 2009 by wes

Blast From The (Doomed) Past

Just about three and a third years ago, grinding it out in the six floor spot in the Spice Factory. It was known as Auxiliary Studios, shared by BRLSQ, Amy Jo and Unitus. The piece I'm working on was for Southern Lord and their bands Sunn0))) and Boris for a string of special dates playing together, I believe for the first time on the West Coast. They were somewhere in the middle of the Alter sessions. Aaron aka A. Horkey did pretty much all the art on this one coming with the awesome tree with glowing Model T tube. I suggested having the tree radiating energy out to spectral figures to represent each band member (plus Joe Preston), around it's perimeter as if they were at a seance. O'Malley and Aaron liked the idea and incorporated it into the art. I then added the background sky, separated and printed that bootch with several different people helping me out by racking and cheering me (on like Mike in the video). Two separate editions for over 500 total prints with this image. We shipped them a bunch then Letta and I hit San Francisco for the Halloween "Altar" show there, dropping off another batch of prints while we were at it. The same day, we delivered prints to the Melvins who were playing with Jello Biafra and a bunch of other Alternative Tentacles bands. We managed to catch both Sunn0)) and Boris then head out and catch the Jelvins show too. Jeezus. Anyway, Sunn0))) and Boris liked the art so much, when it came time to release "Alter", they used it for the cover along with some elements for the tour poster we did for them the following spring. I'm thinking about bringing that hair back. Not the hand pulling of full sheets though. brlsq alter Read More

I love this print, the tree,

I love this print, the tree, the letters, the overall image, it all tastes like Doom.

Ben LaFond
David M. Cook