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Tuesday Jan 22, 2013 by mike

New art print from Thomas Hooper

Today we will be releasing our first art print from New York-based artist Thomas Hooper.

Click image for larger view.

Based on the album artwork for The Forgiven Ghost, the new album from Neurosis' Scott Kelly, this print was produced in two separate editions:

100 prints
signed & numbered by Thomas Hooper
6 color print on Cougar white paper

100 prints
signed & numbered by Thomas Hooper
6 color print (including 2 metallic inks)
on Cougar white paper

We split up both of the editions 80/20.
We have 80 of the variant prints and 20 of the standard prints.
Thomas has 80 of the standard prints and 20 of the variant prints.
He will be selling his copies of the prints at a later date. Stay tuned to Thomas' website for updates.

We will be selling the variant edition print and also sets of both prints, but we are not selling the standard edition print on its own. Stay tuned to our online store, Twitter, and Facebook for updates on exactly when it will drop.

Variant print: $45 + shipping
Variant & Standard print: $80 + shipping

Screenprinted by Ben LaFond Read More

Wes Winship
Version B - Burlesque
Thomas Hooper