Sign Related

January 26, 2013
January 26 - March 1, 2013
Opening night: Saturday January 26, 7-10pm
CO Exhibitions

SIGN RELATED: A collection of work by Twin Cities sign makers.

Whether they are there to guide us, inform us, inspire us, or warn us, signs are a huge part of our everyday life. It's rare that we take the opportunity to enjoy them as thoughtfully-crafted works of art. We will be exploring the creative possibilities of signs, focusing on the work of several Twin Cities-based signmakers. Each artist has their unique style and techniques and will be showcasing everything from traditional hand-painted signs to neon to sculpted metal forms.

By removing signs from their originally-intended context and placing them in a gallery, it gives us a chance to appreciate them as art objects. This also allows the artists to explore how far their craft can be pushed.

This show will feature work from:

DAN MADSEN (Dusty Signs)
Dan is a traditional sign painter born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota. He’s the 3rd generation sign painter in his family carrying on the craft. Dan got his start working with sign painters in Minneapolis and California.

Peyton is a Bush Fellowship recipient and the founder of Juxtaposition Arts in North Minneapolis. He creates sculptures and paintings inspired by graffiti and expressive typography.

Owner of Skyline Neon in Minneapolis has been making custom neon signs and artwork for 26 years. He has worked in Holland, Germany and Italy.

Owner of SignMinds, Inc. in Minneapolis is a sign designer, fabricator and artist. Ben uses aluminum, paint and other sign materials in his artwork.

These four artists will also be actively curating the inclusion of other signs and sign-related ephemera from the Twin Cities, from works of known sign makers to anonymous gems.

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