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Tuesday Feb 7, 2012 by mike

Triple Double 4 year anniversary!

Tonight marks the FOUR YEAR anniversary of our Triple Double party! That's right - since February 2008, we've been bringing you the best DJs, weird videos, 2-for-1 drinks, and major party vibes every Tuesday night. It's the party that has reinvented Tuesday nights in the Twin Cities and we want to thank YOU for helping keep this party going for so long! We would actually like to thank you with two of the best words in the English language...


Join us tonight for FREE PIZZA, 2-for-1 drinks, plus DJ sets from some of the best disc jockeys in town: Shannon Blowtorch, Plain Ole Bill, Last Word, Jimmy 2 Times, King Otto, Superbrush 427, plus the dudes who set this whole thing off - Burlesque's very own Wzz Wnshp and Mike 2600!

Tuesday February 7, 2012
Triple Rock Social Club
10pm - 2am
21up, no cover Read More

Wes Winship
Version B - Burlesque
Thomas Hooper