BRLSQOTHEQUE is the music-related division of Burlesque of North America. Since 2003, the Minneapolis-based Burlesque has been designing and screenprinting concert posters for Arcade Fire, Mad Decent, Stones Throw, and MGMT, creating artwork for Nike, T&A Records, and Mass Appeal Magazine, organizing the annual Dre Day parties in Minneapolis and New York, and exhibiting the artwork of their peers in their own First Amendment gallery.

In 2008, Burlesque launched their own record label, releasing a 12" EP featuring dancefloor-ready remixes from Dave Nada, Bird Peterson, Cosmo Baker, Smalltown DJs, and their own DJ Mike the 2600 King. The vinyl singles featured artwork designed by Mike and screenprinted jackets produced in-house. Picking up where that project left off, the second release was a CD collection of live performances by The Melvins. The three CDs were packaged in a screenprinted jacket featuring artwork from Burlesque's Wes Winship.

The BRLSQOTHEQUE podcast is a frequently-updated series of DJ mixes from our own cast of DJs as well as friends and fam. Expect to hear everything from hip hop to disco to funk to electro to Baltimore club and all points inbetween.

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Scared of commitment?
Here are the individual mixes from the BRLSQOTHEQUE series:

EXTRA LARGE IV: Superbrush & Mike 2600
(7 5 2011)
SUPERBRUSH'S 1/2 (QUE PACHANGA MEXCIA) Roll Out Riddim Daelduro "Bon Bon Assessino (Oro 11 remix)" Uproot Andy "El Pescador" Eric Bobo "MuchoCalor (Feat. Sonidero Nacional)" El Cherman "Witness Cumbia Dub (Los Reyes De La Milagra Vs. Roots Manuva Refix)" El Mayonesa "Pankrot Does Not Have A Price (Toe Tag Vs. Gaga Refix)" Sabo And Cassady "Curara" GRC va. Luz Mob "Tabacco Y Ron" Palov And Mishkin "Ambiente Tropical" Carribean Girl Riddim Red Astaire "Two For The Time" Celso Pina "Cumbia Sobre El Rio feat. Control Machete" DJ Panik "Like This Like That" DJ Avatar "Cumbia Internacional" Rafa Caivano "Run For Cumbia" MIKE 2600'S 1/2 (VIERNES GIGANTE): Shaggy ft. Rayvon "Big Up" (Could You Be Loved riddim) Sizzla "Cash Flow" (Rail Up riddim) Beenie Man ft. Lisa Hyper "Nuh Stress Mi Out" (Rail Up riddim) Ding Dong "Badman Forward Badman Pull Up" Joyce Muniz & Shanti Roots "Cumbia Nightlife (Dave Nada Moombahton edit)" Nader vs Dice "Ugly Moombahton" Hotta Clapz riddim + Benni Benassi "Satisfaction" acapella Alvaro vs Lil Jon "Fucking Ghetto" Toddla T "Take It Back (Dillon Francis remix)" Jay Vegas "Fix Up (Sabo Moombahton edit)" Last Word "Did It On Em" Smalltown DJs "Autograph (Slooooowed down)" South Rakkas Crew "Renegade Rasta" Willy Joy "Battle For LA"
Jimmy 2 Times: Dre Day: Minnesota Love Live Mix
(2 13 2009)
Here's a Jimmy joke about your Mama that you might not like: We heard she tried to front on Jimmy 2 Times. Check out our main man pullin' off a hoo-ride of a mix of unforgettable Dre classics in honor of our other main man's birthday celebration. Tracklist- 1. Jimmy2times - Dre Day Intro 2. Blackstreet f/Dr. Dre - No Diggety 3. 50 Cent f/Mobb Deep - Outta Control(Remix) 4. Dr. Dre f/Snoop Dogg - Tha Next Episode 5. Snoop Dogg - What's My Name 6. Dr. Dre f/Snoop Dogg - Deep Cover 7. Snoop Dogg - Tha Shiznit 8. Dr. Dre f/Knoc'Turnal - Bad Intentions 9. Dr. Dre - Let's Get High 10. Snoop Dogg - Gin & Juice 11. N.W.A. - Gangsta Gangsta 12. N.W.A. - Fuck the Police 13. The D.O.C. - It's Funky Enough 14. Dr. Dre f/Snoop Dogg - Little Ghetto Boy 15. Dr. Dre - Let Me Ride 16. Snoop Dogg f/Xzibit - Bitch Please 17. Dr. Dre - What's the Difference 18. Dr. Dre f/Hittman - Ackrite 19. Snoop Dogg f/Tha Dogg Pound - Doggy Dogg World 20. Mary J. Blige - Family Affair 21. The Game f/50 Cent - How We Do 22. Snoop Dogg f/The Lady of Rage - G Funk Intro 23. Dr. Dre f/Snoop Dogg - Still DRE 24. Dr. Dre f/Kurupt, RBX & The Lady of Rage - Lyrical Gangbang 25. Busta Rhymes - Break Ya Neck 26. Eminem f/Dr. Dre & 50 Cent - Crack a Bottle 27. Snoop Dogg - Lodi Dodi
Prince Klassen: My MP3s Weigh a Ton
(1 22 2009)
Reppin' Austin TX, Prince Klassen delivers 45 minutes of sultry-ass house music. Bangin'! Big thanks to Adam Garcia for the cover artwork! Masters at Work Feat La India - I Can't Get No Sleep The Sample Choir - Break Smooth Pepe Bradock - 18 carats (dj mel edit) Aly-Us - Follow Me Leroy Hanghofer - Pin (jacques lu cont remix) Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (bibi & dims anthem from paris mix) (prince klassen edit) T Ski Valley - Catch The Beat (dimis and mousse t's old school remix) Master Dance and Boogie - Roll the Joint (joey negro edit) Curtis - How Can I Tell Her (12 inch mix) Ron Hall & The Mothafunkaz - The Way You Love Me (Dims t.s.o.p. version)
BK-One: Quick Mix Fix
(1 5 2009)
Brother Ali's backing man steps into the foreground with a fast and furious mix of hip hop and disco funk bangers!
Millions Billions + Tendercakes: I Think The Cookies Are Done
(12 23 2008)
I Think The Cookies Are Done
Jeff Dubois: Street Mix 2 - Going Round In My Mind
(12 8 2008)
Street Mix 2 - Going Round In My Mind
King Otto and Mike the 2600 King: Monster Mash Mini-Mix
(10 30 2008)
Monster Mash Mini-Mix
Winship: TCMF vs. TML
(10 24 2008)
The Wizard of Gaz: Down 4 My Haters
(10 15 2008)
Down 4 My Haters
Mike the 2600 King: Street Sounds mix
(10 7 2008)
Street Sounds mix
Doug Surreal: Live In Goldengate Park
(9 17 2008)
Live In Goldengate Park
DJ Grocery: STL Hood Raps (Part One)
(9 3 2008)
STL Hood Raps (Part One)
(8 12 2008)
Mark Fox is a DJ: Fog Machines and Laser Rays (Synth Out No.1)
(8 4 2008)
Fog Machines and Laser Rays (Synth Out No.1)
Jimmy 2 Times: Bored and Hyper
(7 14 2008)
Bored and Hyper
Joe Cruse: 80s Baby
(6 27 2008)
Super-detailed mix of '80s R&B, pop, and electro hits with tons of movie snippets and other goodies! Joe Cruse puts it down!
Michael Cina: Minneapolis Lover
(6 20 2008)
Minneapolis Lover
DJ Guilty Pleasures: Guilty Pleasures part 2 of 3
(6 16 2008)
Guilty Pleasures part 2 of 3
Bitch Ass Darius: Perca-Set
(5 21 2008)
Sovietpanda: RB Disco Mix
(5 19 2008)
RB Disco Mix
Star Eyes: Quick & Nasty
(5 16 2008)
Quick & Nasty
Jimmy 2 Times: Live From Last Word's Basement
(5 13 2008)
Live From Last Word's Basement
Mike the 2600 King: Yeaaaah Headcrack Headcrack
(5 6 2008)
Yeaaaah Headcrack Headcrack
Mike the 2600 King: Live Mixxx Action
(4 24 2008)
Mike's promo mix for SXSW 2007. Features songs and remixes from Mantronix, Brother Ali, Smalltown DJs, Ice Cube, Charles Wright & Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band, Pase Rock, DJ Tameil, and Mike himself.
DJ Guilty Pleasures: Guilty Pleasures part 1 of 3
(4 24 2008)
The mysterious DJ Guilty Pleasures makes his debut on BRLSQOTHEQUE with a triptych of mixes. All we know is his influences on myspace list this: Mahatma Gandhi, Energy 92.7. Maybe you can help unravel the mystery for us by befriending him at
Winship: The 1st Twin Cities BBQ of 2008 live mix
(4 23 2008)
On 4/20(brah!) 2008, C-Rocka of Louder Than Bombs invited a few friends over for a BBQ in her back yard. Jonathan Ackerman and Winship suggested that the BBQ would go well with some powered speakers and the wheels of steel. She thought it was a great idea

What, you thought we just made posters and sticker packs? Over the last few years, we've been putting together a number of musical releases. Here's your chance to scoop up a whole big ol' stash of some of our finest releases, all of which feature design (and, in some cases, screenprinting) by us here at Burlesque! Here's what we have for you...

ft. Dave Nada, Smalltown DJs, Bird Peterson, Mike 2600, and Cosmo Baker

2) DO IT TO IT Vol 2 EP
ft. Bird Peterson, Dave Nada, Tittsworth, Emynd, Mike 2600, Wizard of Gaz

3) Litterthugz T.A.B.L.A.M.F.C.B. 12"
Mike 2600 and Doug Surreal's acclaimed jeep beat bangers from 2001

4) Mike 2600 "Heavy Session" CD
funk + psych rock beats + scratchin' in this great mix co-produced by Andrew Broder in 2006

5) DO IT TO IT Vol 3 CD
So many huge tunes on this CD + sticker sheet liner notes for you!

6) One mystery CD of our choosing!

In the grand tradition of "Do It To It," "Do It To It Vol 2," and "Do It To It Vol 3," we are proud to present (yep, you guessed it) "Do It To It Vol 4!" This time around, Mike 2600 and Bird Peterson set out to squash the age old debate: Which is better? Food or Love? Listen as each DJ spins two 15 minute mixes of tunes dedicated to their favorite subjects (Mike took on food, Bird love). It's 60 minutes of fun, packaged in a screenprinted sleeve and served up with a mini wallpaper testprint square!

After two hit-packed vinyl Do it To it releases, we followed up with another high quality compilation of remixes and original tracks from some of our favorite DJs and producers! The CD packaging is screenprinted on clear vinyl sticker paper and can be cut up to provide you with over a dozen fluorescent stickers to put on your laptop, notebook, refrigerator, car, or anywhere else!

Full tracklisting:
1. Smalltown DJs "Autograph"
2. Jimmy 2 Times "Errbody Drunk"
3. Nick Catchdubs "Beep Me 911"
4. Bird Peterson "My Wackadoo Trip to the Oral Surgeon"
5. Business Class "Running (DJ Ayres remix)"
6. Zebo "Your Night"
7. Prince "I Wanna Be Your Lover (White Girl Lust Bump remix)"
8. Willy Joy "Into You"
9. Bassanovva "Trunk Funk"
10. DZ "Untitled Facemelter (Skulltrane remix)"
11. Mike 2600 "Boogie Down Bronx"
12. BK-One "Turn That MF Up"
13. Wale ft Gucci Mane & Reef The Lost Cauze "Pretty Girls (Emynd's Go-go remix)"
14. Amanda Blank "Might Like You Better (DJ Eleven remix)"
15. fONKSQUISh & Billy Bass Nelson "Planets (DJ Apt One remix)"
16. Prince Klassen "Horny Rosa"
17. Pumpkin Patch "Doobie Bras"

Volume 2 of our vinyl remix EP series hits even harder with 6 face-melting Baltimore club-inspired tracks from some of our favorite producers. Created in conjunction with our party of the same name during SXSW 2009. Artwork designed by Mike Davis and screenprinted right here in our studio!

Bird Peterson "Torture Motherf*cker"
Dave Nada "JB Baby"
Emynd "Hold it Down 2009"

Wizard of Gaz "Preacher Man"
Tittsworth "I'm Rich"
Mike the 2600 King "Hold Up I'm Comin"

Comes with a FREE Do it To it mix CD by Bird Peterson and Mike 2600!

We've been wanting to release a vinyl record for years and finally did it! Here are five (5) red-hot dancefloor-ready remixes from some of our talented club music producers and DJs to coincide with our party of the same name going down around SXSW in Austin TX each year. These records feature slick packaging designed by Mike Davis which was screenprinted right in our shop and then die-cut and hand-assembled! Vinyl orders now come with FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of all five songs. Check out the promotional video we made highlighting the tunes and the screenprinting process.

Mike the 2600 King "Give it to Me"
Bird Peterson "The Jump Off"
Dave Nada "Cream Dat"

Smalltown DJs "Party Like a Punk"
Cosmo Baker "Alice is a Sucker"