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Monday Jul 29, 2013 by mike

Tools of the Trade: 4th Edition prints on sale Tuesday!

This Tuesday, we'll be releasing the 4th (fourth!!!) printed edition of our popular Tools of the Trade art print. Designed by Mike Davis and screenprinted by Ben LaFond, this is a glorious collage of some of the greatest pieces of vintage and collectible electronic music gear, analog sound-making devices, and other beat-making doo-dads. Grab one of two brand new color schemes and hang this one up in your studio so it can watch over you while you're up all night making dope beats.

Tools of the Trade: 4th Edition
Standard Edition
5 color print on French Whitewash paper
Signed & numbered run of 200 prints

Click to see the variant edition ----> Read More

Thursday Jul 18, 2013 by mike

Now ummm, usually we don't do this, but uhh

From the same team who brought you the Dr. Dre sticker packs, Hater sticker packs, Moustache sticker packs, and the R. Kelly PISS shirt comes the ultimate in adhesive R&B amusements. Burlesque of North America proudly presents the Kellz Sticker Pack!

You can order these right now in our online store! Your first chance to grab them in person will be this weekend at Flatstock 40 at Pitchfork Music Festival. The packs feature 24 different quotes from the one and only Pied Piper of R&B.

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Tuesday Jul 16, 2013 by mike

Happy birthday Wes!

Happy birthday Wes! Here's a birthday cheddarwurst for you. Best wishes!

Pro tip: don't stick candles into any kind of cooked wieners right off the grill. The wax will melt into your wiener and you don't want that.

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Wednesday Jul 10, 2013 by mike

BRLSQ for Phish, Holmdel, New Jersey

Click image for larger view

We are very proud to announce a brand new poster created for Phish's concert tonight in Holmdel, New Jersey! Designed by Mike Davis and screenprinted by Ben LaFond, this poster will be available at the PNC Bank Arts Forum at tonight's show. Can't make it to NJ? We will have copies for sale in our online store next Tuesday, July 16th.

Here's a little breakdown of how the poster came to be...

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Tuesday Jul 9, 2013 by mike

Test Print of the Week: SILENT AUCTION!

Readers of our weekly newsletter should know about the new one-of-a-kind test print we offer for sale each week. This week, we are holding our first ever silent auction to let poster lovers name their own price for this beauty!

Final winning bid: $651

Click image for larger view

Read on to find out how you can place your bid and make this print yours!

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Wednesday Jul 3, 2013 by mike

Stones Throw skateboard deck

We are very excited to finally announce the release of the skateboard deck we designed for Stones Throw Records! Mike and Wes teamed up and went ham on this insane illustration, filling it with all sorts of things we love - cheeseburgers, the Ultimate Breaks and Beats octopus, donuts, money, MF DOOM, Macho Man Randy Savage, exploding martial arts moves, slam dunks, a huge dinosaur, and plenty of little Stones Throw references and jokes. Don't miss your chance to pick up one of these decks from the Stones Throw online store!

Here's a closer look at our original artwork:
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Monday Jul 1, 2013 by mike

Censored Rap Video Shirt 2.0 is coming!

One of our all-time best selling shirts is coming back in two new color schemes! We're staying true to the vintage athletic apparel colors of the first round and releasing this shirt in royal blue and burgundy. Check for these to hit our online store Tuesday July 2nd at a random time.

Friday Jun 28, 2013 by mike


Yesterday, we were treated to a surprise visit by our old pal David Choe. He and his buddy Critter have been traveling across the US, filming footage for their hitchhiking series Thumbs Up. Read More

Thursday Jun 27, 2013 by mike

Drinking Elephant

A couple of years ago, I designed a logo for an iPhone app called Toasty Mammoth. I'm really happy with how the final logo turned out, but also loved one of the rough ideas that never made it past the preliminary round. Since then, I've been wanting to create a more polished illustration of the elephant with a pint glass in hand and finally decided to take a crack at it. So here it is! Read More

Wes Winship, Mike Davis
Wes Winship, Mike Davis

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