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Saturday Aug 31, 2013 by mike

Flatstock 41 at Bumbershoot 2013!

Today, we kick off the 41st Flatstock! This massive convention of screenprinted poster artists and designers takes place at the Bumbershoot Festival in the lovely Seattle Center. Read More

Friday Aug 30, 2013 by mike

Big in Canada

My wife Mali and I flew out to Seattle for Bumbershoot, but arrived a few days early to have some fun in the Pacific Northwest. We drove up to Vancouver with hopes of riding bikes through Stanley Park, but we got rained out. While we were hiding under an umbrella, staring up at the massive, iconic totem poles, we were approached by the local CBC News branch and were asked a couple of questions about ... the rain. Yes, it's apparently been so dry in Vancouver that RAIN is NEWS. I'm not sure how to embed the video here, but you can watch the whole video here. Spoiler alert: we show up around the 0:40 mark.

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Friday Aug 30, 2013 by mike

Richey Beckett's Baroness tour poster VIII coming soon!

In September, we'll be releasing the 8th print in Baroness' Summer 2013 tour poster series, designed by the United Kingdom's very own Richey Beckett. We first discovered Richey's work when he hired us to screenprint some of his own projects, then totally fell for his work and lined him up for this stunning Baroness poster. Looking forward to seeing more from Mr. Beckett in the near future! Until then, stay tuned for all of the onsale details!

NOTE: We were originally planning to release this poster on Tuesday September 3rd, but since (1) we will be on our way back home from Bumbershoot and (2) the prints are still traveling between our studio and Richey's studio, we decided it would be best to wait until the posters are safe and sound in our shop before putting them up for sale. We will give advance notice before the onsale!

18 x 24"
3 color screenprint on French Kraft paper
Signed and numbered edition of 100 prints
$25 + shipping

Click to see more ----> Read More

Tuesday Aug 27, 2013 by mike

Baroness Tour Poster VII by Wes Winship

Today at a random time, we will be releasing Wes Winship's all new Baroness tour poster! Wes really brought the ruckus on this one, so we thought we'd show you a few images from the drawing table, all part of his creative process.

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Thursday Aug 22, 2013 by mike

Announcing BRLSQ Sightings!

We're kicking off a brand new weekly contest! Effective immediately, we want to see your Burlesque prints framed up nicely, your shirts worn out in the world, moustache bandanas on your pets, some random person on the bus with a Dr. Dre sticker on their laptop, and Hater stickers being used to the fullest.

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Sunday Aug 18, 2013 by mike

World Travel Alphabet Print

In 2007, my sister Susan's first daughter Hailey was born. I knew I wanted to give her a gift that I had made, so I designed what would become our Alphabet print. In 2010, when Susan had her son David, I designed him the Animal print. This past June, my brother Steven and his wife Samantha gave birth to their first baby boy named Lazlo, and I had to keep the tradition alive. I'm beyond excited to finally unveil the latest in this series of art prints dedicated to my niece and nephews, The World Travel Alphabet Print:

Read more after the jump... Read More

Friday Aug 9, 2013 by Jodi

Autopic: Kick off + Party at CO Exhibitions

We are just days away from celebrating Autoptic! This is a festival celebrating the graphic arts from Minneapolis, the Midwest, and beyond! The main event goes down Sunday August 18th from 11am-7pm at Aria in downtown Minneapolis. Dozens of screenprinters, comic artists, graphic novelists, zine-makers, and more will be showing off their goods for your perusing and purchasing pleasures. Burlesque will be there will all sorts of goodies available. Read More

Friday Aug 2, 2013 by mike

Brandon Holt for Zebulon Pike

If you'll be in the Minneapolis area tonight and are in dire need of getting your face rocked apart, we strongly suggest popping in to the good ol' Triple Rock Social Club to let Zebulon Pike take care of that for you. At the show, make sure you grab a copy of Brandon Holt's brand new show poster, hot off our presses!

Can't make it to Triple Rock tonight? Fear not! We will have copies of this gorgeous new print available in our online store on Tuesday, August 6th! Read More

Monday Jul 29, 2013 by mike

Tools of the Trade: 4th Edition prints on sale Tuesday!

This Tuesday, we'll be releasing the 4th (fourth!!!) printed edition of our popular Tools of the Trade art print. Designed by Mike Davis and screenprinted by Ben LaFond, this is a glorious collage of some of the greatest pieces of vintage and collectible electronic music gear, analog sound-making devices, and other beat-making doo-dads. Grab one of two brand new color schemes and hang this one up in your studio so it can watch over you while you're up all night making dope beats.

Tools of the Trade: 4th Edition
Standard Edition
5 color print on French Whitewash paper
Signed & numbered run of 200 prints

Click to see the variant edition ----> Read More

Wes Winship, Mike Davis
Wes Winship, Mike Davis

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