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Friday Oct 30, 2009 by mike

Philately Fridays: USA, 1984

According to the people I follow on Twitter, there seems to be some kind of World Series going on right now. Here's a stamp honoring baseball legend Roberto Clemente. Enjoy! Read More

Thursday Oct 29, 2009 by mike

Heinz Edelmann

Here are a couple of thangs from beloved Czech illustrator Heinz Edelmann, who passed away this summer. Most well known for bringing The Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" to life, Edelmann has a whole slew of fantastic work attributed to his name. To learn m... Read More

Friday Oct 23, 2009 by mike

Philately Fridays: Mexico, 1978

I love the subtle shading, bright colors, and real heavy geometry in these two stamps from Mexico. Very clever illustrations depicting the fusion of technology and international relations. Read More

Thursday Oct 22, 2009 by mike

Non-Consensual Post-Dada Constructivist Cerebral Warts TONIGHT!

Tonight is the kick-off of four consecutive nights of art, music, film, and mayhem at the old Hi-Pointe Printmaking Center (just next to SOO-Visual Art Center on S. Lyndale). We've got some craaaayzaaaaay things going on, so come check it out for yourself! See soovac.org for more info. Read More

Tuesday Oct 20, 2009 by mike


Todd Bratrud's new Nike SB shoe, BRAIN WRECK, has been officially released and is set to wreck your brain. That is indeed BRAIN STITCHING inside! Yes we printed a poster for this momentous occassion! Onsale information found in today's newsletter. Have you subscribed to our mailing list? Read More

Tuesday Oct 20, 2009 by mike


Toy designers, take note of this packaging design for Swiss company Didi's line of baby products. Designed by E. & U. Hiestand circa 1974ish.Click image for larger view Read More

Friday Oct 16, 2009 by mike

Philately Fridays: Uruguay, 1977

Hot use of overprinting and cool shapes in this stamp from Uruguay. Color economy!Click image for larger view Read More

Thursday Oct 15, 2009 by mike

Country Club Fashions

I thought country clubs were way too haughty to get this psychedelic. Either way, these bag designs for Country Club Fashions, designed by the power team of Frazier and Hauge are really doin' it.Click image for larger view Read More

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