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Thursday Dec 10, 2009 by wes

Our Holiday Bonanza is this Saturday!

holidayparty Come celebrate the start of the holiday season with Burlesque! Our halls (aka First Amendment Arts) will be decked with some of our finest screenprinted posters and artprints, we'll be stringing up Christmas lights and serving up mulled cider and egg nog. Dance to the music of the Read More

Wednesday Dec 9, 2009 by mike

Theme Park Maps

My buddy Sam Smith hipped me to this fantastic online collection of theme park maps. Pileup blog devotees know what a huge fan I am of theme park maps, so that I really enjoy this website should come as no surprise. Here are a few highlights...Click ea... Read More

Monday Dec 7, 2009 by Ben

Blowed Out!

Cecil Otter P.O.S. This past Saturday, after all the crazy Craft-O-Rama madness, my favorite hip-hop crew got together for the 5th annual Doomtree Blowout at First Ave. As always, they did not disappoint. Read More

Monday Dec 7, 2009 by mike

Craftorama report / new shirts!

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth at No Coast Craftorama this weekend. We had a great time meeting local arts supporters and eating all the crazy good food in the Midtown Global Market (we're lookin' at you, West Indies Soul Food). Here's our booth - the smallest merch table we've ever had! Read More

Friday Dec 4, 2009 by mike

Philately Fridays: Israel 1975

Three stamp set from Israel garnering support against pollution, specifically of the air, water, and noise varieties. I love the tiny illustrations in the lower tear-off portions which reference the larger graphics and show what a pollution-free enviro... Read More

Thursday Dec 3, 2009 by mike

No Coast Craftorama this weekend!

We're getting excited for this weekend's No Coast Craftorama, a pop-up market of Twin Cities' finest independent crafters, designers, and artists all showcasing their best arts, crafts, gifts, and more! Looking for something unique for your friends and family this holiday season? Read More

Thursday Dec 3, 2009 by mike

At the zoo

Great little logo for the Asahiyama Zoo in Hokkaido Japan, designed by Susumu Endo around 1967. It's perfect for this time of year - Minneapolis just had a little blast of snow last night and I feel like a reindeer could show up at any moment. Read More

Thursday Dec 3, 2009 by mike

Phantom Limb arrives!

We couldn't be more excited to finally be releasing these two gorgeous color versions of John Baizley's "Phantom Limb" art print. They will both be available on our online store today, December 3, at 2:00pm Central time. Read More

Tuesday Dec 1, 2009 by mike

NY Subway Map, 1972

I was home over Thanksgiving and finally got around to snapping some photos of this vintage NY Subway map my Mom, a Brooklyn native, had held on to and then framed and hung up in our house. Maybe having this in our house growing up subconsciously inspi... Read More

Tuesday Dec 1, 2009 by wes

Baroness visits the Triple Rock, Baizley visits BRLSQ

Baizley Live By Benbrlsq Last Friday brought the Baroness boys to town. They played a stellar show at the Triple Rock and managed to drop by BRLSQ HQ before hand as well. We put John to work signing his prints, including our version of Phanton Limb which will be going on sale super soon! We'll post images for that momentarily as well. Read More

David M. Cook
Wes Winship, Mike Davis

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