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Wednesday Dec 4, 2013 by mike

Serpents Unleashed: Progress photos pt 4

John Baizley adding some super bright orange custom watercolor details to one of five hand-embellished Serpents Unleashed prints!

Click image for larger view

Wednesday Dec 4, 2013 by mike

Serpents Unleashed: Progress photos pt 3

Ben LaFond on that quality control tip.


Wednesday Dec 4, 2013 by mike

Serpents Unleashed: Progress photos pt 2

We are hard at work laying down color after color on our new "Serpents Unleashed" art print by John Baizley. All three versions of the print sold out in our online store last night. Here's a look at Bennie printing the 4th color.

Keep an eye on our Twitter feed today and tomorrow as we will be releasing a few one-of-a-kind Baizley surprises!

Click images for larger view

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Tuesday Dec 3, 2013 by mike

John Baizley's Serpents Unleashed art print presale + process photos

Today at a random time, we will be accepting presale orders for our newest art print we are producing with artist John Baizley. Based on his artwork for Skeletonwitch's latest album "Serpents Unleashed," this huge art print is a true beast and is a must-have for any collector of John's work.

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Tuesday Nov 26, 2013 by mike

CO Exhibitions WORLD (craft) FAIR 2013 is coming

Coming this weekend! More creative holiday gift ideas than you can shake a reindeer antler at... and all made by local, independent artists!

Monday Nov 25, 2013 by mike

Signalnoise documentary on Lynda

Our Nova Scotian bud James White of Signalnoise is the subject of a new short film by the online tutorialists at Lynda. Tune in to learn about this talented graphic artist's background and motivations.

The Creative Spark: James White, Visual Artist and Designer from lynda.com on Vimeo.

Hey, we printed those Dartmouth posters!

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Tuesday Nov 19, 2013 by Jodi

Today's Onsale: AF London: 3 poster series

Pick your favorite, or grab all 3! Saturday



Tuesday Nov 12, 2013 by mike

Brandon Holt's Warhorse print on sale NOW!

In the late Summer of 2013, Minneapolis artist Brandon Holt spent a few days working in-house at Oakland CA's Warhorse Tattoo. We sent Brandon off with a short run of two-color screenprints to have with him at the shop while he was working there. After returning from The Bay Area, Brandon assembled a NINE color version of the same artwork. It's truly a beast and we are beyond excited to be sharing it with you. Not only is it intricately illustrated and printed in 9 colors, but it is HUGE and bursting with metallic inks.

Grab a copy right now in our online store!

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Tuesday Nov 5, 2013 by Jodi


Hey! Here's what's going on! The posters are on their way to me from the north woods right now! I will put them up for sale in our web store this FRIDAY at a random time! $30 a pop!

We printed variants on THREE different colors of French's Pop-Tone paper. Take a look!

Wednesday Oct 30, 2013 by Jodi

How to make a fake butt

I walked into the studio last week to Ben and Mike eating snacks in the kitchen (snacks are the best) and asked, "So.. do you guys have any advice for making a fake butt?" This got big laughs, but I was serious.

For my friends Halloween party last Saturday my costume was Kardashian couch dress. I thought it would be ugly, but I hand-made a fake butt that scrambled brains! Dude friends were sweating, girl friends were grabbing, and my real butt was super warm all night long! Here's how I did it-

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Wes Winship, Mike Davis
Wes Winship, Mike Davis

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